THE ATLANTA PITCH SUMMIT- A Southern Hollywood Event

“Get Heard, Get Access”


(Atlanta, Georgia October 17, 2011) – In the spirits of giving back and lending a helping hand to our bright future, Ty Johnston, has created The Atlanta Pitch Summit. The foundation of the summit is surrounded around a weekend event for all writers, producers, directors, actors and entertainment entrepreneurs to pitch their idea to television networks and film studios. The educational factor is to learn how to pitch while giving attendees the opportunity to do so. The summit will be held from November 3rd through the 5th – 2011 at the Georgia Tech Research Institute Conference Center (across from GPB).


The Atlanta Pitch Summit is the opportunity for those to “GET HEARD, GET ACCESS” to the film and entertainment industry.  The distribution process of selling a project can become stressful, time consuming and costly for the average person when trying to transition their script as a mainstream niche. Getting a meeting with those producers, agents and networks is sometimes unlikely; however the summit is bringing those powerhouses from LA to NYC to Atlanta aka “Black Hollywood” to enhance the attendees driven abilities. All genres are welcomed. Including: Television show-sitcoms, reality, docu-soap, animated series, dramedy, romcom, feature film, theatrical, etc.

 What makes this summit different is that it’s celebrating the art of television and filmmaking by creating the marketplace for partners and entertainment entrepreneurs to brand and sell their next big project.  “Most L.A. or N.Y.C. executives are coming to Atlanta to benefit from the incentives and then using their own crew and talent for the productions. Atlanta deserves more, as well as, need a power-booster for all to see that we too are creative, talented and can do the work,” says Ty Johnston.

The summit has partnered with the Bronzelens Film Festival held November 10th-13th and will announce any green-lighted projects during their event.  Participants should refer to the website for all additional information at


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