3rd Flo formerly The Heisman Boys have released their new single “Le’ Go” a few days ago and have provided us a sneak peak at their video shoot at Utopia Bar and Grill. If you followed our Independent Industry Night Series from last year you might have seen them rip the stage and also win our contest for the night. 3rd Flo knew that the contest was attendance based and they arrived in full effect with a bus full of anxious fans. Yes I said a BUS full of their fans.

Press Release Courtesy of Red Dahlia PR & Marketing

Atlanta based record label One In A Million Records has announced the official single release for the hip hop group 3rd Flo entitled “Le’Go.” The group 3rd Flo is no stranger to the industry, or to hard work, the group that brought you “Do The Heizman” knows exactly what it takes to get to the next level.

“We are ready and with the label management of One in A Million Records and Forbidden Entertainment we’re going all the way this time” states D-Ray.  In 2007 the group was riding high off of the dance craze “The Heizman” that received over 3.1 million hits on YouTube. For the past two years they have been busy in the streets and in the studio working on their next CD release, and  now it’s 2010 and they are back with a point to prove and they are proving it with their hit single Le’Go.

No matter where they perform or have the song played there is an instant overwhelming response that this is the song to take them to the top. For more information on 3rd Flo, follow them on Twitter at www.twitter.com/3rdflo