Previous Ailey Camp Atlanta Jazz Recap

The Fox Theatre and AileyCamp Atlanta presented the 2012 Celebration Performance entitled “Kaleidoscope” on July 12, 2012. In the sixth year of AileyCamp Atlanta, 100 children put on a final performance for family and friends to see what they had learned while attending AileyCamp Atlanta. The campers ranged from ages  11 to 14 years old and were divided amongst four groups. Over the six week span of AileyCamp Atlanta, campers took classes in ballet, modern, jazz, and West African Dance. The talented choreographers of the camp are: Ursula Kendall-Johnson, Roscoe Sales, Darius “Damazi” Williams, Sister Omelika Kuumba, and lastly camp director, Diane Sales.  During the celebration performance, each group performed a routine of a genre of dance. Also, poetry was incorporated in which three pieces were performed by the campers.

The final showcase began with an Alvin Ailey inspired piece titled, “Memoria”, performed by the AileyCamp Atlanta Campers. Following the introduction, the national director of AileyCamp, Nasha Thomas-Schmitt greeted the audience as well as provided insight to what AileyCamp is about. Then, the camp director of AileyCamp Atlanta, Diane Sales gave her welcoming remarks.

The first group of campers to perform was Group C, in which they performed an upbeat and eclectic jazz piece titled, “Spectrum”, choreographed by Ursula Kendall-Johnson to music by Fun, Beyonce’ and Mary J. Blige. Next, Group A graced the stage with a ballet, “As the Wind Blows”, composed by Roscoe Sales performed to the music of Noel Pointer. After that, “Iridescence”, a modern routine created by Darius “Damazi” Williams was presented by Group M. Then, the AileyCamp Atlanta Boys performed a percussion piece titled, “The Feast”. Finally, a West African routine, “Responsibility Reaps Rewards” , choreographed by Sister Omelika Kuumba,  in which Group P performed to live music. Campers took Personal Development and Creative Communications classes in addition to the Ballet, Modern, Jazz, and West African dance classes while in camp.

For the “Finale”, all the campers took to the stage and danced joyfully to “Golden” by Jill Scott. Proud parents, family, and friends gave the campers a standing ovation after watching these children put on an amazing show. The campers of AileyCamp Atlanta displayed incredible talent as they expressed themselves creatively through the art of dance.

Chauntel Toomer, Contributing Writer

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