Benny Demus “Slick Shit” Ft. Ray Nitti 

We love to see the emails come in with links featuring more music from Benny Demus. Many of you may know Benny as the DJ for the international star Akon. Being a DJ comprises just one aspect of his busy daily schedule as he also raps, acts and produces tracks. Benny has traveled the world as a solo artists and recently returned from shows in both Australia and Africa. Benny Demus and Ray Nitti shot the video for “Slick Shit” while on tour in Chicago with Usher and Akon Tour earlier this year. The song  features two dope emcee’s over a heavy guitar laden track. #RESPECT


 Benny Demus “Eeazy” Season 2  Trailer 

“Eeazy” The Webisode Season 2 – Still on the Hunt to find a Killer, Eeazy and Chadwick searches on and get more information – Youtube


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