If you know anything about 4ize then you know that he definitely goes hard in the paint. From his silly flows, diverse but vivid freestyles and his knack for branding himself all around the city. 4ize is the type of artist that you will most definitely see his branding on light poles, street signs and anything else that will hold still long enough to receive a 4ize sticker. Red with white lettering they can’t be missed. The above footage was spotted on Maurice Garland’s site as 4ize and Scar hooked up on a very nice project. Meanwhile Luda makes a special guest appearance along with his new Conjure Cognac.



The above footage was captured at the #onemusicfest as 4ize had all of his merchandise on hand for all of his fans to purchase.  During our taping 4ize also took the time to shout out Contact Atlanta as well. We wish 4ize continued success!!!!!! Take the time to check out 4ize site