Now I know we haven’t had an Artists of the Week in quite some time. The latest Artists will consist of a female duo by the name of Mizz Thraxx. While checking twitter the other day I decided to listed to a track by the duo and the song was kinda catchy. One of those hood anthem type song that you can definitely imagine a few bows being thrown in a club. The ladies kinda put me in the mind of a Diamond and Princess from Crime Mobb had everything worked out. Check out their bio below:

Mizz Thraxx is a young female rap duo coming out of north ATL. It’s made up of Lady Redd (17), born in Opa Locka, FL & Lady Buck (18), born in Atlanta, GA. Both girls have been pursuing a rap career as solo artist for the last 5 yrs while remaining close friends. One day in late 2008, they ended up in the studio together by accident. What started out as a frienly rivalry end up being one of the most talented duo ever put together, and Mizz Thraxx was born. The young duo is very talented and sexy. They both have a rough upbringing that are expressed in there lyrics. They speak what a lot of young kids there
age think. So if your looking for music that is rapped straight from the heart, check out Mizz Thraxx.They also have 2 independent music award nominations & 1 independent music award winner including 2009 Bout to blow Female artist of the year, 2009 Most slept on artist of the year & won 2009 Best Teen artist of the year. And now has been nominated for 2010 Bout To Blow Artist of the year.
Check out the new hit by the new female rap duo sensation. Please reply with feedback. Thanks Lady Redd & Lady Buck.