After many request from artists for Branding Packages, we are proud to announce the creation of the below items. These items can be combined in any manner required to further assist artists with their development and branding. Branding of artists should always begin with a firm base. We would like to be the base that you choose to build your brand with. Please see selections below:

Artist Marketing and Branding Packages

Spotlight Marketing Package: $850

  • 50 person guest list ($500 Value)
  • 4 Tables | for 16 guest
  • Food | 2 platter of food
  • E-flyer | Digital flyer exclusively promoting spotlighted guest
  • Feature on Contact Atlanta & Strapp Magazine | Photo and article on   and  including links to clients social networking sites.
  • 4-7 Min Event Spotlight | Event spotlights vary based on individual, Artists will perform, Entrepreneurs will be interviewed, Producers will play tracks, etc.
  • Mentions | Host will give promotional Shout/Outs ad mention all vendors through out the course of the event.
  • Digital Branding | Logo or Graphic will added to video feed that will be displayed on flat screens throughout the venue.
  • Video Shoot  | 1 camera angle video shoot for 1 artists
  • Photo Shoot  | Photo Shoot on the day of the event (20 – 30 Photos)
  • Email Blast | Email blast will be provided for our clients. 5,000 emails will be sent.
  • Social Media Blast | Company or Artists will be represented with blast from Contact Atlanta, 3511 Media, and 4.0 Magazine beginning the weekend prior to the anticipated show.

Presence Marketing Package: $425

  • 2 Tables | for 8 guest
  • Food | 1 platter of food
  • Performance | 7 min performance
  • Guest List | 25 person
  • Photo Shoot  | Photo Shoot on the day of the event (20 – 30 Photos)


*****************Bottle service available on request************************


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