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  1. AspireTV…

    My name is Michael Genet. I am an award winning writer for stage, screen and TV. My resume’ includes writing and co-starring in Spike Lee’s 2004 film SHE HATE ME and the FOCUS Features film release TALK TO ME, starring Don Cheadle and Taraji P. Henson, for which I won the 2008 NAACP Image Award For Outstanding Writing In A Motion Picture. I also wrote American Playhouse holiday classic HALLELUJAH which starred Dennis Haysbert, James Earl Jones and Phylicia Rashaad, and I won the Kennedy Center Award For New American Plays for my magical jazz fable, PORK PIE.

    Currently I have a film in development at ATO Pictures called THE CAPE ISLAND AFFAIR that’s scheduled to go before the cameras next Spring, and I have six new TV projects that we’re about to got to studios with. I believe three of these projects could be perfect fits for the ASPIRE TV paradigm.

    I’m writing to let you know of my interest in ASPIRE TV and to inquire about the possibility of obtaining a position with your company, either in my capacity as a writer, or by bringing to your attention some of my projects which may be the exact type of original programming product your mission statement suggest you’re looking for. My literary representation is ICM 310-550-4000; Agents Bryan Diperstein, Harley Copen (film) and Dan Norton (TV). My Manager is Brian Dobbins at Principato-Young Entertainment 310-274-2970.

  2. Hi my name is Malcolm Walker and I have Submitted a show idea that I think will inspire viewership for ASPIRE, on your major site. Im just reaching out through other avenues to get a response because I believe if you give it a chance it will peak the interest of the viewer.

    Thanks Malcolm Walker

  3. Hello, my name is Koni Lee and I met with your Film & TV Representative, Tina, at the Get Connected Event in Atlanta, GA. this month. I submitted my 3 – Minute Pitch as well as my business plan with budget comparisons for my feature comedy. I have written a feature film and tv spinoff sitcom. The 30 – Second Trailer, 1 – Minute Trailer, 3 – Mintue Trailer, 20 Minute Short for the film, artwork for the DVD & BluRay Covers are copyrighted and registered with the WGA. Also the Feature Script, Music Listing – I wrote three songs for the film, Suggested A – List Talent List, Character Listing, Scripted Bloopers, Suggested Venue Clearance, business plan with budget comparisons have all been completed, copyrighted and registered with the Library of Congress and Writers Guild of America. Two local talents that were in “The Blind Side” as well as “The Hunger Games” have submitted their info and head shots. Several local companies would like to be a part of the film and or sponsors. The tv spinoff sitcom has also been copyrighted and registered as well. Several episodes have been written. I met with Lisa and left only my 3 – Minute Pitch as well as my business plan with budget comparisons. Should you wish for me to submit the remaining materials, feel free to contact me or my International Entertainment Attorney, John Christmas. Contact Info for Koni Lee: konileefromatl@gmail.com, poundingthesidewalk@gmail.com, 404.217.1933 or at: 404.309.5575. I also have a positive reality show, a romantic comedy short, a murder mystery and I am working on a generational cookbook. I am a Movie & TV Scriptwriter, Singer – Songwriter – Musician, Gallery Artist, Model, Craftsperson and Paid Film TV & Music Video Extra. Many blessings and I hope to hear from your company in the near future.

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