Prophit submitted his information to Contact Atlanta via email recently and we were very impressed with his flow. Lemme shut up as his press kit speaks for itself.

With an excess of pure talent the only hip-hop prototype worth investing in is Prophit. The 19 year old prevails as an unrestrained lyricist above standard MCs. Hailing from the semi tropical but lurking with risk city of Tampa FL, Prophit could be found early on between a rock and a hard place on 42nd and Ellicot. Growing up in a city more known by outsiders as a tourist attraction only hindered the modest occupants and exposed a man to it’s own set of bleakness.
With the current release of “09 Is Mine: Vol.2: What The Game’s Been Missin” hosted by DJ Headbussa labels began to take notice that form is dead and arising from the ashes is the man ranking higher in delivery and toting an immaculate flow, Prophit. His Single “Doin My Thang” is putting airwaves in a state of panic. His efforts have placed him on the same stage as Young Jeezy, Young Dro, B.O.B. and other acts of notoriety. Proph’s own amazing performance has been described as a dire brush with hunger and resilience. Proving such as the winner of TJ’s DJ’s Tastemakers Got Talent Show 3 Champion, which lead to his performance at the 2009 4th Quarter Conference. No begets No lambos just a man and his rap. He loves music and that’s his sincerest reward. To gain an advantage and benefit by following Prophit is only the beginning so bare witness to his hip-hop defiance.

Download “This My Club”

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