If you frequent the site then the name Bobby Creekwater should be a familiar name to everyone by now. After returning back to Atlanta after a deal with Shady/Aftermath, Creek has been flooding many blogs, and twitter timelines as he releases mixtape after mixtape. Most of them feature about 6 songs that always have you wanting to hear more tracks from Creek.


After receiving the invite from Bobby Creekwater’s manager Steve – O we loaded up and caught up with them at Lenny’s. This night featured a few surprises as Killer Mike and Da Bill Collector were in attendance for the show as well. Bobby Creekwater gave a show that captivated his audience as he unveiled a live band for the show. I don’t know what it is but the unplugged feel during certain events actually makes the event. Creekwater gave his fans song after song on a great action packed show. Hope everyone enjoys the videos as we thoroughly enjoyed this show