People have been looking at me sideways for quite sometime when I mention the name Bobby Creekwater. First they always repeat the name and then chuckle but after hearing some of the dopest lyrical content available they are taken aback. Long and short Bobby Creekwater is an artist known around the country whom was signed to Shady/Aftermath. After having creative differences the two parties decided to part ways and now we fast forward to the present. Creek has been dropping mixtape after mixtape with that PRESS PLAY effect meaning that you can just let the mixtape ride without fear of being disappointed.


Bobby Creekwater and his manager Steve have to be some of the realest dudes in the game dealing with a quality product. This quality product being a very talented artist with calculated flow and delivery. Artist ask me on a regular basis: what will it take to be noticed? Persistence and dedication. How many artist won’t go the extra mile when needed? Take note from Creek on how to gain and command more exposure from the industry.

Bobby Creekwater’s  letter to his fans:

To the fans, I’d like to say that your support enables me to go a mile on days when I feel like I can’t move an inch. And I solemnly swear that as long as I receive that support I will keep kickin’ the industry in the ass…with a size 12 Timberland boot…HARD!!! With that said, we at BGOV bring you balance…Partake!

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