Chris Porter aka C-PO

Take a look at an MC by the  name of C-PO as he performs “Hold It Down” in the above video featuring Rosa Acosta. Great ENERGY throughout the video!!!!!!!

Chris Porter known as C-PO realized his talent at age 5 while playing the piano by ear. By middle childhood he developed his passion for woodwind instruments and started playing the sax and drums. Not knowing his childhood talents would pay off, the sounds of music and the diversity of artistry influenced C-PO to start producing and recording himself. “I wanted to compete at making good, quality music that is timeless,” says C-PO.

Gaining popularity as an indie artist, C-PO released his first record titled “Homicidal,” a parody of the Sean Kingston hit “Beautiful Girls”. The next year, he returned with another independent mixtape “Welcome to the Future” selling 40,000 copies and obtaining 1.3 million hits on MySpace, C-PO recognized he had what it took to climb to the top of the charts. This year C-PO released “MUSIC IMPOSSIBLE” available on CD Baby and iTunes.