Recently Teddy Bee sent us the above video via Facebook and we knew that we would be in for a treat. Our staff knew that her latest feature would be a banger since Teddy Bee has already rocked the mic at our recent shows. Teddy has a way of commanding an audience to pay her extra attention. In the above video Teddy serves as a ft. on the Chuchi Austin song “Showtime”. Two female MC’s doing their thing, spitting over a nice track. This song is doing well and will definitely be getting more spins in the area clubs soon.

Chuchi (Gabriel Austin) was born and raised in Ocala, Fl in 1990 to (Dianne Bracey and Ron Austin).
Growing up with 6 brothers and one sister she know that nothing in this world would come cheap or free.
Though her first love was basketball, Chuchi always had a passion for writing and recording music.
“All of my boy cousins rapped when we were younger. I always wanted to follow them and fit in and that’s how it all began.” Chuchi was brought up in Lower-class Neighborhood (Carverpark) on the South-West side of Ocala, Fl.

Surrounded by crime, violence and death, Chuchi knew that was no place she would want to live forever.
Labeled a High-school standout, after graduating Chuchi went on to play a year of college basketball in Tampa, FL.The love for the game slowly began to fade away. In May 2010 Chuchi kissed her mother’s cheek and headed for Atlanta, leaving all of her family behind. “I had to get away from the negativity and turn it into a positive.
“Im tired of seeing my people struggle.” Chuchi’s music is inspired by everyday situations and struggles.


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