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If you want an instant glimpse into Nuk Grissle’s personality, just let the country grammar found in his music do the talking.   Animated, a pivotal Hip-Hop mixtape hosted by DJ Smallz, is the first of several installments combining the rappers love for both music and comedy, which is a creative formula for keeping his diverse audience entertained.  While he has a penchant for delivering his rhymes with authentic gusto and wit, he doesn’t disguise the harsh realities of life.  The brilliance of his talent lies in how seamlessly he bridges the distance between poignant subject matter and humor. Truly one of a kind,Nuk Grissle is as comfortable behind the mic rhyming as he is doing stand-up.  In short, he has his own flavor and lane.
Hailing from Hinesville, Georgia by way of Sanford, Florida (20 minutes NW of Orlando), it’s clear that pioneering southern artists such as Andre 3000, Ludacris, MJG and Mystical heavily inspired the agile wordsmith.  Nuk Grissle is a lyrically modern mix of his influences, yet retains an identity and style all his own.  His artistically experimental approach to music is a breath of fresh air amongst the recycled gangster imagery that has been prevalent in the Hip-Hop genre over the past decade.
Nuk Grissle was raised in a household that was both a blessing and a curse.  While his mom was an avid churchgoer on Sunday mornings, his dad preferred Saturday nights, a dichotomy that is exemplified in his songs and character.  A self-proclaimed “church boy” and youth choir, Nuk Grissle who penned his first rap at 7, eventually rebelled against singing and became the church drummer at 9 years old.  Learning to play by observation, undeniable talent and sheer will, the young musician mastered the instrument and joined the jazz band in middle and high school.  Spreading his own unique brand of ghetto gospel, Nuk Grissle continues to play the drums along with the piano and bass guitar to this day, skills he plans to showcase on his forthcoming
debut album.
Nuk Grissle’s career path is just as diverse as the music he creates.  From relocating to Tallahassee to attend college, where he also moonlighted as the opening act for artists like T-Pain, Lil Jon and Ludacris, to moving to Miami with a Benjamin and a dream, the rapping funnyman’s hustle is second to none.  Within a few months of living in M-I-A, a then 21 year-old Nuk Grissle found himself recording at Slip-N-Slide records, stacking hefty checks for ghostwriting and generating a major buzz.
In addition to music Nuk Grissle also began cutting his comedic teeth at an Orlando comedy club where as fate would have it, received the opportunity to take center stage after one of the scheduled performers canceled.  It’s no surprise that his straight-no-chaser approach to joke telling landed him a regular spot as Host of the club’s comedy night.  On Animated, all 19 cuts have hooks like claws, simple but highly effective thanks to Nuk Grissle’s quality over quantity mantra. The clubbed-out first single “5 in Da Morning” with its killer bassline was designed to fill a dance floor, while the infectious “Well Leave” is an up-tempo hyperactive sonic masterpiece that rocks hard and loud.  The super-hero team up on “Ask Yo B*tch,” with homegrown favorite JT Money finds the twosome rhyming boastful verses with tongue-in-cheek malice, which keeps things interesting.  On the track “Pretty Girl,” Nuk Grissle pays homage to aesthetically pleasing women with a dash of wittiness that displays solid inventiveness.  Preferring to let old and new fans hear his voice, as well as introduce a handful of new spitters, there aren’t many major features on the mixtape although Pastor Troy does lend his vocals on “I Got B*tches.”
A new sound from an old soul, Animated is consistently on point.  The ambitious back-to-basics project chronicles one of Florida’s most gifted MC’s talents, in addition to his clever wordplay and fluid delivery.  Looking to bring change to the game with a “from nothing to something” message that strikes a balance with a goodtime vibe, Nuk Grissle’s star power can only get brighter.

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