Recently Contact Atlanta received an invitation to take a look at a new author at a new location within Atlanta. The Green Room hosted their Author’s Book Expo and  served as the backdrop for the evening featuring a few artists speaking about their books and life stories. Author Preston Dent  spoke of his book “David” which depict the live, trials and tribulations encountered by the lead character David.

From Reddahlia PR: Love Life, Live Long, And Be Free- In this explosive tale, young David grew up in the foster care system. With no family guidance he turns to the only male figure in his life, “Smoth” his foster brother. David is destined for destruction as he leads a dangerous life of crime and sexual encounters with chick after chick. His past eventually catches up with him as David learns that he has AIDS… How will he react to this news? David meets Danielle his new young love, an innocent virgin who makes him see that there is a better way to life than the streets. When Danielle becomes pregnant with his first child…will he tell her the truth about his deadly disease? As David tries to turn his life around and get closer to the pastor of his church karma comes back to haunt him… Will this be the end of David? Or will he live long and be free? From Author Preston Dent “David” is coming soon to over 25,000 retailers, Barnes and Noble, & Borders Stay tuned for the street release dates, the book tour, tv, radio and AIDS awareness appearances!!!

Excerpt Below:

 Born in Kansas City, MO., Preston Dent got the taste of reality at the age of 9 when his father up rooted them and moved them to an inner city Projects on Cameron St. in Harrisburg, PA by the age of 12 he was very accustom to inner city life, “I got shot with a 38 revolver when I was 13, dieing for 4 seconds. It wasn’t Bloods or Crips we had hoods, it was about what side of town you lived on and in i was knee deep into that life style, I loved it, but karma has a way of waking you up to your wrong doing. “Some would think it was from bad parenting that was simply not the case, my parents did their best to keep me out of the street life but it just kept calling my name.”


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