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Diddy, Dirty Money and YC

Craig Lane

Proud Atlantan whom seeks to make a difference in the world. Favorite quote: “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” ― Dale Carnegie

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1 Response

  1. heyy. umm i dont actually know what this website is for but im doing everything that i can to try and make it to the top. i honestly know this is not the place for this. but its kinda hard to get there just from being in a small town in Louisiana called Patterson. all anyone knows about i new orleans or baton rouge. if you could or anyone could find me on youtube or anything and watch my videos i would greatly appreciate it. Please give a 17 year old girl a shot at something just so she can prove to others and be one of the first to succeed at something great in her family. life is not easy here. i just want to make it out.