Doc Frank – Get Paid

The Genesis
1994 – 1998
Evolution of this unique genius began in the heart of it Dayton Ohio, 1994, where as a young Doc Frank walked out of his 1st studio session with early mentor Moe Beats as his producer. The young Doc Frank introduced himself with his 1st recording “Organized Crime” and became an instant sensation. Doc Frank signed his 1st recording deal with 4 Life Records and under the guidance of hip hop pioneers Deville, Moe Beats, Prime and JRhoc. The young Doc Frank would go on to record more than 50 songs while performing in numerous concerts, festivals, tours showcases, talent shows and battles of all kinds from 1994-1998.

The Evolution
1998 – 2008
Young Doc Frank began to flourish in a deep legacy of talented artist & musicians. Doc Frank’s 1st production experience came with the development of his hit song “Put da Gun Down”. This production revealed a maturing Doc Frank and showcased his instincts to produce quality music as well as quality lyrics. He began to coordinate group efforts like the House Ov Cyphfr as well as mixtapes with multiple artists’ collaborations and video production. Doc Frank evolved and transformed from artist to producer and with his determination and talents we all have witnessed the evolution of a genius, known as Doc Frank.

The Genius
2008 – Present
Never giving up and always having faith, he continued to evolve and Doc Frank found his genius in his monstrosity called Monstarz Ink., Doc Frank’s independent record label. Doc Frank’s love and driven nature for the music has placed him among the elite. Doc Frank’s love for the art and the culture has inspired his genius to create and inspire a new genre of music called Reggae Pop spearheaded by his #1 artist and lovely wife Queen Diva KK Holliday.
At present the artist and the producer and the CEO known as Doc Frank from the beginning thru his evolution into his genius has continued the rich legacy of Ohio hit making music as well as trail blazing his own legacy of timeless creative art and music.