Shouts out to .dotGATSBY whom continues building his brand show by show and mic by mic. Congrats on your motivated hustle .dotGATSBY!!!!


Born in Bogota, Colombia no one would imagine .dotGATSBY would be a time traveler. “When he was sent to the past, .dotGATSBY became something like a hero! He landed somewhere in 1987 with 1,000 pre-recorded songs from 2012, the know how to independently run a label and the heart to help change Hip-Hop, but, the only problem was .. .. He was a newborn child.” says reporter from 2012.        During 2010, He’s released 8 of 11 FREE street tapes & plans to finish by Febuary 2011. The perfect way to promote for his FIRST & ONLY album, scheduled to release on 11.11.2011! DJ Traci Steele (V103.3FM) & DJ Cube (Slip.N.Slide DJ’s) have already hosted tapes and DJ Mist (Southern Style DJ’s) & DJ Hardwork (Slip.N.Slide DJ’s) are waiting. Roughly 100 FREE SONGS for the fans? .dotGATSBY says, “GOD blessed with a talent that makes people happy. I’m trying my best to avoid charging folks to enjoy my gift. Though, I do take donations.. Broke isn’t fun!”       On NOVEMBER 13th, .dotGATSBY opened for Grand Hustle recording artists, “Young Dro” & “Young L.A”! Over 3,000+ people were in the crowd, rocking to his latest single “What The Science Is?”. He’s also performed @ venues such as The Blue Flame, Club Blaze,Throbacks, New Earth Music Hall, Dugan’s, Belushi’s, The Atrium, Body Tap XXX, Kamals (Platinum) 21, Black Lion Cafe, UGA (Athens), Crucial, Figure 8, Throbacks, Lavish Lounge, Downtown Poole Palace, Club Fusions & more.
Further information can’t be released about this myserious, “FIRST & ONLY ALBUM” asides from he’s leaning towards the name “Precipice”, it’s going to change the world, & it’s based on a true story. More about .dotGATSBY? Contact Steve Ujueta @  UJUETAAWDOH@GMAIL.COM.


Here is dotGATSBY’s website: WWW.DOTGATSBY.COM