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So Today I am going to continue on the Topic of “Staying in your lane”

I had a conversation with a person that worked as a “radio promoter”, and I use this term loosely, he started off doing club promotions and lucked upon getting to know a few program directors and next thing you now, he is not doing radio promotions.

As you know I am shaking my head, not because this persons intentions are not good, but that he has not mastered the craft and there fore is doing artist disservice, it is about money for this person, and not the best interested of the client, and this is where the problem comes in. As, I have stated before things such as radio, marketing, and promotions is something that you should focus on and specialize in, not a quick way to sell an artist a dream.

There are so many people out here destroying artist careers. And so few caring about what is best for the artist. If we have a conversation and the words “I don’t pay for it so it doesn’t matter” comes out of your mouth then you are clearly in this for you.

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Craig Lane

Proud Atlantan whom seeks to make a difference in the world. Favorite quote: “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” ― Dale Carnegie

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