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Please support our Black Films by attending local theaters near you. Each successful movie motivates additional future filmmakers to strive and see the fruits of their labor spread throughout the community. The below statement comes to us via Sharon Palmer (mother of KeKe Palmer) and she speaks on the current state of Black Films within the industry.
Please go out and see Joyful Noise and spread the word, the first day was not great, listen Hollywood is making 2 slave movies this year, SLAVE MOVIES, so who would Keke play in one of those? A Slave girl! Have we not come further than that! We have to support movies like Joyful Noise or we will be in trouble, I enjoyed ROOTS too, but I don’t want Keke to have to play Kizzy , we cannot complain that we have no good movies if we don’t go see them…….No don’t wait for it to come on DVD or Cable, I have heard people say this so much, no we have to support it at the theaters! ~  Sharon Palmer