After logging in to check my twitter page I was kinda struck by the following mention for Contact Atlanta:

@contactatlanta could you plz help @scooterhelpus1 get @scooterbraun to see this ? http://twitition.com/hy8j9 these girls have a huge dream!

After following the link I realized how this young man has captured the hearts of many fans whom are desperate to see him in person. The link leads you to the following petition from his fans:

we the undersigned petition …
help @scooterhelpus1 meet @justinbieber

4 beliebers all going to the ottawa concert have 1 big dream! 🙂 to meet @justinbieber is a huge dream for all 4 of us, like many beliebers we all have the same dream, its time to make 4 beliebers dreams come true. this is all of our first @justinbieber concerts and for some of us even our first concert ever! and we want August 24th to be our first time meeting @justinbieber aswell. we have made a twitter to help get @scooterbraun and @justinbieber to notice us and so far we’re doing pretty good , but the main reason of it is to help us meet @justinbieber August 24th we are ALL attending the concert, care to help us be able to say that we are all meeting @justinbieber as well ?! (: sign this Twitition and you never know; our dream could come true :)♥ -@foreverxoxtyra,@abigalebieber,@bieberLOVEScara,@ERIKA_ELMO we are also known as @scooterhelpus1

One word: WOW!!!!!


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