LESBIONICA – CANDYLAND Gothica the Sticky Fetish


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Gyrating hips, biting her bottom lip, and eyes locked on target; making her way through the club, only one thing is on the mind of this lesbian: fulfilling her ‘Sticky Fetish’ and putting all doubts to rest. Following the success and attention garnered by Candyland Gothica: An Electronic Love story, up and coming mogul/Indie Music Exec, Don “Ghotti” Pitts II is taking the game to new heights with his lead single,’ Lesbionica’ off the highly anticipated follow-up album, Candyland Gothica: The Sticky Fetish. With a creative concept capable of soaking any woman’s panties and orgasmic flows to create the perfect sex scene, The Sticky Fetish album gives a more dark and sensual approach to freaky tales, sensuality, and sexual metamorphism. Appeasing to the ladies especially, Sticky Fetish is all about the pleasure principle; introducing tracks meant to stimulate both love makers and pure headboard bangers. Once again Don Pitts has managed to introduce feel good music, while staying true to exclusivity. Respecting the history of R&B music and recreating the focus of Hip Hop, Don Pitts has once again created a masterpiece exuding energy and beats sure to mesmerize the masses and invoke the senses. While pimping is just a habit and fucking is just a game, the Candyland Gothica series provides a medium for all sexual feigns and curious bystanders to initiate four play in the club and let loose in the bed, most likely the car if you’re nasty. Describing the concept behind lead single ‘Lesbionica’, Pitts states “We want to uncover how the energy on the dance floor takes females to new places, morphing like a caterpillar to a butterfly; something like a trance.” By exuding the deepest emotions being Love, Lust, Pleasure, and Pain, The Sticky Fetish casts spotlight on the unspoken ‘wet dreams’ and all too familiar ‘what ifs’; submission is power through the dreams of time. So as you continue on this ride, unwind, relax, and let us ‘Stick’ it to you.

Craig Lane

Proud Atlantan whom seeks to make a difference in the world. Favorite quote: “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” ― Dale Carnegie

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