Clothing Brand Lyftd Clothing held their Kick-starter Launch Party on recently at the Atlast Clothing Store located in a popular Arts District in Atlanta, East Atlanta Village. The purpose of the event was to bring awareness to their apparel brand, Lyftd.

Lyftd Clothing Co. is a niche-based, “SmartWear” apparel brand, founded in Atlanta, whose mission is to combat the negative ideals propagated through mainstream culture by effectively communicating positive ideals through fashionable apparel, well designed promotional items, and catchy sayings.

We have been around for three years and we have headlined a fashion show titled “The Lyftd Lyfe”, been featured in a local periodical and been featured on a number of popular web series.

Our brand is starting to gain a lot of momentum, and this Kick-Starter will serve as a catalyst for growth.