Multi-platinum recording artist, Musiq Soulchild, debuts his new book in Atlanta at the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library on June 28th.

The Grammy nominated R&B signer and songwriter hosted a book reading & signing in Atlanta to promote his new book, 143: Love According to Musiq. Soulchild attracted a large audience inside the auditorium of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library, that were all anxious to hear him speak.


According to Musiq Soulchild, this book views the thoughts of love from his own perspective. “I’m not an expert,” said Soulchild. “The things in this book are just my opinion, which I hope can help people’s relationships. The same amount of love and emotions that I put in my songs that you all have liked over the past years, I put into this book.”


During the book reading, Soulchild went through every chapter describing in detail of his thoughts when writing each individual section. While doing so, he used metaphors and examples for the crowd to easier understand the message. “Chapter 4 deals with giving someone a second chance at a relationship,” said Soulchild. “Many people claim to give their partners another chance, but never really seem to trust them again. Although it takes time to forgive, my advice is to forgive them first before you give them a second chance. It’s like a slap in the face. You can slap me in the face and I can forgive you, but it will first take time for the pain of that slap to heal.”


After going over all of the chapters of his book, Soulchild then opened the floor to the audience, where he answered any of the questions they had. Towards the end, Soulchild shared some advice with the audience. “Time is so precious,” he said. “I don’t feel that it should be wasted on a bad relationship. I feel that you’re wasting time on that person, when you could be with the person you truly deserve.”


After the program, many fans were pleased with Musiq’s interaction with the crowd. “I didn’t expect Musiq to be so humble,” said Bryan Johnson, a fan of Soulchild. “He is just like everyone else, and besides his magnificent talent, that is why I really support him.”


In his closing, Soulchild had a book signing portion, where he signed everyone’s copy of his book, took pictures, and even held personal conversations with his supporters.



Brent Yancy, Contributing Writer