New Artist Added to IIN John Que


Rapper John Que whom resides in San Francisco  has been added to our latest Independent Industry Night (IIN) show. Watch the above video and then take a look at John Que’s extensive resume.

Presenting a rap artist that definitely is not a new comer to the music industry. 2010 will mark the beginning of an artist, an icon, a legacy, ladies and gentlemen introducing John Que.

Coming from the bottom of the streets of San Francisco, known then as Gee Que this artist knew at an early age that nothing in life was going to come easy. As a youth he was known as a go getter. With self motivation and sure determination he defied all the odds and in 1994 he released his first album “Sucka Free City”.  This album sold approx. 50k units. “Sucka Free City” was the beginning of bigger and better things for this hungry career driven artist. Sucka Free City created much buzz with the local bay area artist giving Gee Que much recognition. His lyrics and style caught the attention of artist like JT the Bigga Figga, Spice 1 and many more.

Continuing to strive for perfection John Que decided to take his talents to yet another plateau, he began writing and producing songs for many well know artist nationwide. Due to high demand he decided to form his own recording company, 1998 was the birth of Armed and Dangerous Music (aka AND Music Group). Under this label he has released 2 albums thus far Questions and Answers Vol. 1 and The Duffle Bag Boys Featuring Guce and the Don himself. With 2 videos under his belt (From The Bottom To The Top) and (Boss Bitch) this trailblazer can’t be stopped.

So what’s next for John Que? Keep your eyes and ears open for the unveiling of his next 3 projects. “Lady & the Tramp” featuring his protégée Sos’e, the highly anticipated “Tango and Cash”  featuring seasoned rapper O.G. E. and his signature seal of approval solo album “Sink or Swim”. John Que is always hungry for new and creative ideas, this master mind can be found mixing, producing, engineering, and writing. He welcomes new sounds and talents to the A.N.D Music Group family. The possibilities are endless!

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Sucka Free City                               by. Gee Que                                      1994

Catch Me In The Wind            by. Gee Que                                      1996

Face The Facts                        by. Tha Squad                         1998

Questions and Answers           by. Que                                    2000

The Duffle Bag Boys               by. John Que and Guce           2009

Coming Soon:

Lady And The Tramp

Tango And Cash

Sink Or Swim

Craig Lane

Proud Atlantan whom seeks to make a difference in the world. Favorite quote: “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” ― Dale Carnegie

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