Recently while networking on BBM Contact Atlanta and Nikera Clothing were able to meet and greet. Music/Models for the shoot were non other than The Beat Geeks. Take notice of the brand and band so to speak as they are both shooting stars!!!!!!!

Nikera Clothing is a unique clothing company dedicated to everything FASHION+MUSIC. The clothing company promotes young independent Artists from around the world and from all known music genres by giving them a placement within the corporation as the the face of the upcoming fashion collection. An Artist is chosen twice a year to bless the company as the official face of the collection. Nikera Clothing has created their own extraordinary lane within the fashion and music industry by allowing young Artists to display their fashion style and promote their music via the Nikera Clothing website. The music acts as the website’s unique soundtrack for the duration of the season. Music links, videos, and other promotional material are added to the Nikera Clothing website to ensure maximum exposure for each Artist. Dedicated to the millions of creative individuals in the world, Nikera Clothing continues to cater to the Artists who are striving to become successful and inspire others.  www.nikeraclothingonline.com