The only thing more important than a photographers camera are the images it captures. The best of these photos get added to your online portfolio to display your creativity to the world and more importantly “attract new clients”.

If you have a photography business then you need a dedicated portfolio website ( and branded email address. (no more you@gmail, you@hotmail, you@yahoo, etc.) This is an important step in taking your photography beyond a hobby into a respectable revenue earning labor of love. (work full time as a photographer and you will quickly see where the labor part comes in)

Word of mouth referrals and business card handouts convert into paying clients a lot more often with a clean online portfolio website to speak the words about your work that you could never convey in a conversation. Having your own clean-modern portfolio website and branded email address sets you apart from other photographers bidding for the same work and helps put you in the “professional photographer” box. This allows you to charge more for you work, makes customers feel “willing to pay more” for your work, grow your business and get larger projects with higher payouts. (upscale weddings, product launches, magazine spreads, special events, etc.)

You have probably noticed by now that the term “branded email address” has been used more than once. This is to emphasize its importance in your communication with existing and potential clients. I see far too many photographers actively trying to grow their business with and other common email providers. This sends the wrong message to your existing and potential clients. While only time, dedication and practice (combined with a bit of being in the right place at the right time) can grow you into an A-List photographer, providing a professional image along the way is how you get work to pay the bills.

Well now that I have went on a rant, about why you need a professional portfolio website and branded email address, I almost forgot why I titled this article “Photography in the Clouds”. Every website needs a home and the best home for a photography website is on Cloud Hosting. The large photos commonly (always) found on photography websites load slowly and annoy website visitors on common “shared web hosting”.

Cloud Hosting is a new form of web hosting that gives your website access to the power of many servers tethered together to make one mass of high power computing resources. Say goodbye to slow websites and downtime. myFolioCloud gives your business the best image and clients the best browsing experience while on your website.


Why Host your Portfolio in our Cloud?

myFolioCloud is the most powerful All-In-One Photographer website and online portfolio service. We provide photographers with an online presence to showcase their work, establish a brand, communicate with clients and grow their business. Photographers provide their photos and we provide everything else including blazing fast Cloud Hosting to power your online Portfolios.

Everything in One Place

We save you time by providing everything you need to create, host and grow your online business. From customizable photographer website themes, powerful Cloud Hosting, a blog, contact forms, ecommerce capabilities and much more. Other solutions require you to piece things together. myFolioCloud provides everything you need.

Unlimited Power and Speed

As your online portfolio grows it will need more power that regular shared web hosting cannot provide. Our Cloud Hosting solution insures your website is online, loading fast and widely accessible. All of our packages also include a free CDN (Content Distribution Network) that gives your one webserver the reach of 12 website servers strategically placed around the world. Our websites use the latest web technology (no flash) to ensure fast load times and iPad, iPhone and Mobile support.

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