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Photography website marketing

I can easily say that a photographer’s website is the most important piece of advertising potential clients focus on. It is a central place for clients to learn about you, view your online portfolios and easily get in contact with you to book work.

Customers are online and hopefully you have a website and portfolio that is online also. Below I will take you through the process of how to get a photography website if you do not have one and getting exposure/visitors to your website once you do.

1. Create a Clean Beautiful “PhotoGraphy Website”!

Photographers and Artists need a strong online presence to succeed. Sign-up with a service like myFolioCloud.com for a Clean, Modern and customizable photography website, powerful portfolio galleries, easy to use blogging, e-commerce options and much more! Make sure your website uses the latest web technology (no Flash) to maximize your reach with iPAD, iPhone and mobile compatibility. Make sure your website loads quickly and does not have a lot “clutter”. Remember you are a photographer not a web designer and your photography website should focus on your photos in an elegant and clean way.

2. Target the customers you are interested in

There are two parts to targeting customers with your website (1) Search Engine keywords & (2) Targeted portfolio galleries

(A) Search Engine keywords
When you are searching online you type the keyword you are looking for into a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Your potential clients do exactly the same thing so it is important to purposely include “keywords” on your website. Think like you are a customer.. For example looking for an “Atlanta wedding photographer”. If you specialize in atlanta wedding photography then make sure “Atlanta Wedding photographer” (as your customer would type it) appears a few times on your website. Also make sure your website is search engine friendly! Not sure how? Click here to see how myFolioCloud masters search engines.

(B) Targeted portfolio galleries
As a photographer you take photos of many different people, places, events, nature, your kids, your dog, etc. Your business photography website is not the place to showcase your broad range of talents. Keep your online porfolios focused on your main target customer. Weddings? Include your best work and avoid duplicate photos in a gallery. Keeping your portfolios focused shows you are dedicated to the exact type of photography they potential client needs.

3. One Click to contact

Displaying your photos online is a great way to attract potential clients. It is important to make sure that everypage of your website either has a contact number, email or a one click jump to a contact form. The easier you make it for potential clients to contact the better. It’s the digital equivalent to “Asking a girl you have been flirting with for her number”. Ask and you will more than likely receive but if you are not proactive then you will likely be going home empty handed. (Unless you are really good looking!!) “Asking for the sale” is exactly what is needed to help convert online website “visitors” to “Clients”.

4. Online Payments

While Cash and Checks will always be the preferred and most cost-effective way for a photographer to accept payments (no high processing fees to reduce your profits). You still want to give the option for customers to pay with credit cards. And the convience for them to pay online day or night via your website. Low cost merchant accounts like Paypal or 2Checkout are a great way to start. Need help intergrating online payments into your photography website? Visit myFolioCloud.com

5. Socialize Online

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (to name a few) allow you to interact with photographers and potential clients on a variety of levels only limited by your creativity. Staying active on social network websites (as many as you can) helps to build relationships, establish and promote your brand. Did I mention “For Free” in most cases. Do not mis out on this invaluable website marketing oppurtuninty.

6. Sponsor a “niche” Search Engine keyword/phrase.

Large search engines allow you to pay a small fee to appear as a top “Sponsored” listing for relevant searches by potential customers. “Google Adwords” an example of search a service. The key to controlling cost and maintaining a high conversion rate is picking targeted terms and avoiding tempting but too broad terms. Using a wedding photographer as an example. You would want to pay to appear as a top result for the keyword “Atlanta Wedding Photographer” but not

“Atlanta Photography” as it is not targeted enough to ensure the person coming to your website is directly intrested in your services. You can also set daily, weekly and monthly automated budget limits to make sure you stay in control.

7. Blog your way to the top

Search engines aand potential customers can be attracted by adding a blog to your photography website. Keeping a flow of fresh content and photos related to your recent work keeps your website fresh in search engines (higher ranks) and helps to keep clients, potential clients, fans and fellow photographers engaged. Need a photography website that seamlessly intergrates the number one blogging software available? Visit myFolioCloud.com

8. Creative Business Cards

Handing out business cards in the “Real world” is still one of the best ways to get potentials clients to your websites/digital portfolio. Make sure your business cards are clean, modern, “professionally printed” and represent your target market. Make sure to include your website address and your Professional email addresss YourName@YourCustomSite.com (not @gmail, hotmail, etc.)

9. Local Partnerships

Targeted offline partnerships are some of the best ways to get potential clients to your website, display your relevant portfolio and have them contact you. If you are a wedding photographer then you can consider partnering with local boutique bridal shops, local wedding cake bakers, specialized flower shops, etc. A beautiful photography website, clean/professional business cards and flyers are very important at this stage.

If you follow these steps then you will be well on your way to having a popular and lucrative photography website. Visit www.myFolioCloud.com for free guidance with all the steps above and a powerful All-In-One photography website solution.

Expand the reach of your Photography at myFolioCloud.com


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