Cavario  whom is the  founder of Don Diva and now Hip H0p weekly has a new book entitled Raised by Wolves. This book gives an in depth look at  his life living in a family that controlled the heroin scene in New York and beyond.

Funny how people come into your life as I met Cavario while visiting Paradise Arabians in North Georgia. While visiting the farm after receiving an invite from friends I kind of stumbled across Cavario in the stables. We spoke at length about his prior projects, Raised by Wolves Book, and his new website which was set to be launched. The new website is non other than Hip Hop Weekly one of the fastest growing websites on the web. They have been featured on Media Takeout for their very creative inaugural cover for the new magazine. This day concluded with  horses being paraded in front of us with people bidding on them as they entered the indoor corral. Scapa an all white arabian is valued at 4 million dollars and he also made his presence known on this day.

Check out the brief synopsis of Raised by Wolves from Vlad TV

Raised By Wolves is an autobiographical diary, chronicling the development of a gifted young boy, born to homicidal parents, and raised as a ghetto prince in an environment replete with criminal influence-the heroin soaked streets of 1970’s Harlem.

Cavario began his career in the fall of 1980 at the age of 13, selling powder cocaine in $25, $50 and $100 denominations, networking in the city’s hottest…….Find the remainder of the article on Vlad TV