Ralo: The Bluff, Young Scooter, Future, and Birdman

Some artists tell a story, while others live it. The difference can decide who makes it and who doesn’t. Such is the case for Atlanta rapper, born and raised in Atlanta neighbor, known as “The Bluff,”. He learned at an early age that hustling was a way of life and to keep a roof over his family’s head, to add it was not always easy.


His love for music helped sustain him and he started writing and rapping at 11 years old with his childhood friend Young Scooter.  By 13, he was the main breadwinner in the home, selling DVDs and CDs.

Now with a new commitment to his music and a message he wants to get out to the world, Ralo is focused on his business. He has established a music movement and community foundation called “Famerica.”.

Already making waves in Southeast region and taking over Atlanta, he wants to leave his imprint on this culture with his music and drive to establish foundations for his fellow brothers and sisters around the world.

Instagram & Twitter:  @RaloFamGoon

Craig Lane

Proud Atlantan whom seeks to make a difference in the world. Favorite quote: “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” ― Dale Carnegie

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