Reemo Rod Discusses Comedy, Film and His Latest Projects

Mommy UNcensored™ MINUTE: @ReemoRod Thomas


Reemo Rod recently stopped by Pangea Studios to discuss his new role as the father/husband Neil on Mommy Uncensored and Snack Pack Improv Comedy. Check out the above video as Reemo discusses his favorite actors, how he became an actor, the movies that he’s starred in, and his most recent projects.


We salute Reemo and all of his hard work as he was  recently selected as a host for I Am Indie Radio (1100 AM) that features independent artists from around the globe.

Statement from I Am Indie Radio:

This is not your average radio show on just another radio station, BUT an “Independent Revolution” powered by passion, perseverance, and dedication that will tell the story of all Indie Artists across the world from multiple perspectives of life whether you are a music entertainer, filmmaker, actor, author or comedian.
Our Intentions are to span the world and globalize the Indie Movement, to deliver pertinent information that’s relevant to the Indie Community and offer a platform where Indie Talent can be showcased and nurtured.



Mommy Uncensored™ | Ep. 6 | Mission Impossible

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