Tuki Carter of Taylor Gang continues his rise to fame with a new “Daytrip” video.

Tuki Carter’s – “New DayTrip” Video

Tuki Carter is one of, if not the first, black tattoo artist to breakthrough as a well-known tattoo artist outside of the tattooing culture, but in the mainstream consciousness, as well. Tuki Carter is known, nationally, for turning pieces of skin into canvases with vivid portraits on them for the world to see. Credit: Tuki Carter Website

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City of Ink Tattoo Shop –  Reality Show Pitch Reel

His artistry eventually has spawn from a gig into a full-blown business venture with partner and friend, Miya Bailey. Together they created City Of Ink, which is a renowned tattoo shop and art gallery. Tuki Carter has been recognized in magazines such as Inked and Urban Ink magazine for his unique and impressive work in tattooing. In Complex magazine, he was recognized as #9 out of 50 of their 50 Tattoo Artists You Should Know. On the journey of his career, he even got to bridge the gap between his tattoo and music career with a music video starring Rick Ross and Wiz Khalifah being shot in the shop he co-owned.  Credit: Tuki Carter Website

“She Said” – Tuki Carter ft. Wiz Khalifa


Rick Ross Giving Tuki Carter and City of Ink a Shout Out




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