Slip-N-Slide Records signed  Akeem as their first comedian on the label today and below is a short snippet from the press release. For the full press release please  click here. Special thanks to one of the hardest working Publicist ( @aleeshac) for this release.

Determined is one word that can be use to describe this twenty one year old former college student from the University of South Florida. Growing up in Miami, Florida he had no choice but to be determined to follow his dreams and at the age of eight, Akeem Viel was certain that he wanted to become an actor.

Akeem always had the gift to make people smile. No matter what the age, race, and/or religion, he was able to connect with anyone he would come in contact with.

Since his emergence into the scene of standup Comedian Akeem has been Sponsored by American Eagle at the age of 19 and shortly signed with Slip-N-Slide Records as the first Comedian on the record label after leaving such a lasting impressing CEO, Ted Lucas; Comedian Akeem was the official host for Slip-N-Slide Records “Next Big Super Star”.

Comedian Akeem is not only a motivational speaker for middle school and high school students but he has appeared on Dj Ekin of Tampa’s 95.7the Beat “My Place“, was co-host of University of South Florida’s official college radio: WBUL “Do the Right Thang”, has performed in front of audiences of 1,000+ at the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi, MS and Kentucky State University and has shared the stage with major names in the business including but not limited to BET Comic View’s Tony Roberts, MTV Wild-N-Out’s Shawty,  Benji Brown, Marvin Dixon, D.T. Owens, Kool Bubba Ice, Doug Williams, Vanessa Fraction, Sean Larkins, Double D and Mad TV’s Bryan Callen as seen in the motion picture “The Hangover”.

Comedian Akeem continues to succeed as he reigns as Slip-N-Slide Records “Prince of Comedy” while taking the label towards a new era of power.

Stay Tuned for More Updates, Tours, and Announcements on Comedian Akeem and Slip N Slide Records.

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