Plain and simple, if you have no money, it’s not going to work.  You can’t reach a DJ on twitter, or at a DJ conference, or in the club.  The label doesn’t want to talk to you because you are talented, or you look good, or a couple of people like you.  The radio is not going to play your song because they believe in it and just want to support.  This is a business.  You are a business, and every business I have ever known needed start-up money.  They needed advertising, they needed promotion, the needed a staff (team) to operate.

I often hear people say they’re grinding and working really hard.  They have been talking to all the right people but still nothing is happening.  If they just had the right advise or the right person working on their team with the right connections things would be a go.  Even the most connected person needs money to make it happen.   I hate to say this and kill your dream, because that is not my intent, but if you do not have any money,  it’s not going to work.

Invest wisely and God Bless.


That Retail Chick