“The Anatomy of Love”

Special shouts out to Autumn Bailey Entertainment for posting the link for what looks to be a great film with a great topic involved. Hope you enjoyed the above trailer for the movie and go out and support our local artists. #Atlanta Standup

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“The Anatomy of Love” introduces Rachelle Neal, Volnerius Rackley, Nadia Zebib, Troy Halverson, Nannette Willis, and Amer Madanat to feature film in Summer 2010. The Anatomy of Love is a romantic comedy set against an urban college backdrop. Cassious (Volnerius Rackley) is a hopelessly romantic college student seeking to find love and companionship with his best friend Jenesis (Rachelle Neal). Jenesis is an emotionally scarred college girl who has outspokenly lost her faith in true love. Jenesis seeks comfort in her relationship with her mom (Nannette Willis) and her “friend with benefits” Caesar (Amer Madanat) while Cassious is careful to not to spill his true feelings knowing her feelings regarding love and their friendship.
Jenesis expresses her stern opinions of love in one of her college courses and winds up with a special assignment. Jenesis is challenged by her teacher Professor Mason (Troy Halverson) to document the opinions of at least 10 of her peers on the question “What is love?” Once she has documented her peers she is then to document her opinion after listening to her peers to see if her idea has changed. After losing Cassious to another woman named Samara (Nadia Zebib) and listening to others’ testimonials of love, Jenesis realizes her companionship with Cassious has been the definition of true love the entire time. Jenesis tries to express her feelings to Cassious through her video testimonial risking all shame and embarrassment. Will Jenesis and Cassious ever find love, or have they missed their opportunity?

Produced by Greg Galloway, Mason Younge & Jeff Goldstein
Directed by Greg Galloway

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