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Wild South Boys Interview

Wild South Boys ft. Tom P “Hit Me Up”

Recently Contact Atlanta had an opportunity to interview a few members of The Wild South Boys.


Contact Atlanta: Where did the name and concept of the Wild South Boys originate?

J.Y. Stay Flyy …. Members include J.Y. Stay Flyy, ABach, and Tom P.  a conglomerate of solo artists that decided to click up… network and branch out…..All of have been solo artists.. and have been friends, gone to high school together, and hang out in the same circles……..

ABach: …. The name basically came from our actions, in our upper 20’s still acting like high school kids wildin’ out. We basically are the Wild South Boys.


Where’s your primary fan base? What shows have you rocked?

J.Y. Stay Flyy: Well Tom P was doing his thing in Decatur, he’s got a big fan base in the underground hip hop scene in Atlanta, mine is around the Athens/UGA area and that’s where I linked up with Abach. Abach has a big following in Myrtle Beach and Wilmington, SC.  We performed at a lot of bars in Athens… Really just trying to have our music played….. Red and Black was getting plenty of air play around that time…. Tom has been working and touring with a lot of people and he just came back from a tour with MGK and Tech9…..

Abach: His last album was with the Wild South Boys…
CA: J.Y. Stay Flyy describe the success that you have had with the hit song Red and Black in Athens.

J.Y. Stay Flyy:  35,000 hits on Youtube…. it got me some radio play.. then I did the Sic’em Track and also the grand opening for the new liquor store Lit.

Abach: He had a liquot commercial to drink and it’s really a hit during football season when everyone’s tailgating and having fun.


“GET NAKED” PC Beach Spring Break 2012

CA: What can we expect from the Wild South Boys in the future?

ABach: All party or radio play.. We just make music for people to wild out to… its have a good time music…

J.Y. Stay Flyy: At a house party you can let it play  all the way through…

ABach: In Houston, Tom P was doing a show and they played the cd like 3 times in a row non-stop and everyone enjoyed it….

J.Y. Stay Flyy: It has a good mix of tempos and styles….. Everyone has their favorite song on the cd.

ABach: It’s basically get crunk or go home.



CA:  What is the main difference between your style of party music vs. say a LMFAO?

J.Y. Stay Flyy: We are making party music but we are rapping…. We are more so the songwriters, where as, they have 4 bar verses.. we are here to rap and we have a different style… more aggressive, vulgar and a little more grime in our music. Our music is more explicit… We are just having fun……


CA: What acts would you like to perform with in the near future?

Abach: I recently performed with Ritz whom has opened up for Yelawolf

J.Y. Stay Flyy: On a real level for what we are doing now a show with Jarren Benton would be great…In a dream world we would want to perform with Lil Wayne or maybe a throwback with Lil John.

Abach: We would love to have a college tour.


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