Yelawolf at Max Fish


Yelawolf performed at Max Fish House and voice his displeasure with the closing of such an iconic restaurant. After getting that off of his chest he began doing what he is soo infamous for: Rapping over a dope track. Read more about the closure of Max Fish below:

“It was a spot that real New Yorkers could hang and feel comfortable, and there wasn’t any one type of person that was catered to,” said Jaime Meline, a hip-hop artist from Brooklyn who performs as El-P and founded a record label called Definitive Jux. “Everyone was welcome as long as you didn’t play yourself.”

The bar’s hospitality — or, maybe more accurately, blasé cool — made Max Fish a spot where notables like James Gandolfini, Chan Marshall and Matt Dillon could comfortably share space with downtown figures like Dash Snow and Harold Hunter, both of whom have since died.

Word of the closing spread quickly last week, after Ms. Rimkus and her landlord, Arwen Properties, which bought the building in 2004, according to public records, were unable to reach agreement on a new lease. The landlord, Ms. Rimkus said, offered a one-year extension in exchange for a rent increase to $20,000 a month, the rights to the name Max Fish and a provision preventing her from opening a competing establishment within 25 blocks for five years.

“When you sell $3 beers, you can’t pay $20,000 in rent,” said Ms. Rimkus, who paid about $2,500 a month in the early 1990s. Several messages left with Arwen Properties, whose address is listed in the East Village, went unanswered.


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